Research Identification Number: 257011

Ruža Karlović

Practical application cluster


Assist. prof. Ruža Karlović,  is a vice dean of the Police College for research, development and university study programme and a lecturer at the Police College, Zagreb, Croatia. She graduated in the field  of criminal investigation in 2002 and received her PhD degree in sociology in 2012.  Her research interests focus on police status and duties in society, crime prevention and sociology of crime. She has been involved in numerous international security and safety projects within H2020 Programme.  She is the currently chair of the Ethics Committee and Erasmus + coordinator at the Police College and  is a member of the Expert Committee of the Croatian Police and Security Journal. In the field of police sciences, she has authored a number of articles, scientific papers, conference abstracts and books. Recently she co-edited a book “Community Policing – A European Perspective” (Springer). She has acted  as an external examiner for a PhD thesis and was a member of the jury for evaluation of European prevention projects applied for the annual European Crime Prevention Award (ECPA). She is a member of the European Society of Criminology (ESC).


  1. 2013


    Zagreb University, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Department of Sociology
  2. 2012


    Zagreb University, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences