Violence Research Lab Team

     The Violence Research Lab work plan will be implemented as a joint team effort by all Violence Research Lab research group members and associates. Violence Research Lab’s activities have been grouped in several clusters and put in the competence of one Violence Research Lab member, according to his/her specific skills and competences and in line with previous research experience (please look at table 1.).The nationwide Violence Research Lab activities have been put in the competence of Central Violence Research Lab in Zagreb and 3 regional labs in Rijeka, Split and Osijek, which will be in charge of implementing the study in their region.

Principle investigator

Team members

Reana Bezić

Data collection cluster

    Ruža Karlović

    Practical application cluster

      Goran Livazović

      Head of Violence Research Lab Osijek

        Pero Mihaljević

        Data sources cluster

          Nina Mišić Radanović

          Prosecution of delinquent violence cluster

            Marko Mrakovčić

            Head of Violence Research Lab Rijeka

              Petra Polić

              Data processing and analysis cluster

                Lucija Sokanović

                Head of Violence Research Lab Split

                  Igor Vuletić

                  Normative operationalization cluster

                    Nika Sušac

                    Methodology cluster

                      Lucija Vejmelka

                      Empirical operationalization cluster

                        Valentina Šapina

                        Etiology cluster

                          Petra Šprem

                          Phenomenology cluster

                            Marija Baković

                            Phenomenology cluster

                              Davor Mayer

                              Phenomenology cluster

                                Mirjana Kondor-Langer

                                Practical application cluster


                                  Dražen Jelenić

                                  Chief State Attorney of Croatia

                                    Gordana Klarić

                                    Deputy of County State attorney of Croatia

                                      Ana Garačić

                                      Judge of Supreme Court of Croatia

                                        Gunda Woessner

                                        Psychologist at the MPI for Foreign and International Criminal Law

                                          Dalibor Karlović

                                          Psychiatrist at Clinical hospital „Sestre Milosrdnice“

                                            Vjekoslav Peitl

                                            Psychiatrist at Clinical hospital „Sestre Milosrdnice“

                                              Marcelo Aebi

                                              Professor of Criminology at the University of Lausanne, Switzerland

                                                Violence Research Lab Team Info

                                                Key task

                                                Establishing 1 Central Violence Lab in Zagreb and 3 Regional Violence Research Lab in Split, Rijeka, Osijek.

                                                Establishing new ESC working group EVimo

                                                Pilot study on ‘dark figure’ of delinquent violence

                                                Operational Violence Research Lab database with data analysis tool, data entry interfaces and data presentation tool

                                                Creating “genuine violence classification system”

                                                Testing “genuine violence classification system” using data from 2016/2017 homicide research

                                                Final “genuine violence classification system”, published and offered for commercial use

                                                Violence Research Lab “genuine violence classification app”

                                                Violence Research Lab Strategy on preventing and detecting delinquent violence and cyber harassment

                                                Targeted manuals and protocols prepared for the specific needs of different institutions

                                                Trainings, workshops/seminars for practitioners

                                                Findings actively incorporated in relevant higher education curricula

                                                2 edited books (English and Croatian version)

                                                How much work to do

                                                15 MEETINGS

                                                53 PRESENTATIONS

                                                12 CONFERENCES

                                                11 MANUALS

                                                13 NEW ESC MEMBERS RECRUITED FOR EVIMO

                                                16 STUDENTS RECRUITED


                                                23 JOURNAL ARTICLES WRITTEN

                                                2 EDITED BOOKS READY FOR PUBLISHING

                                                6 HIGHER EDUCATION CURRICULAS

                                                4 WORKSHOPS AND 4 SEMINARS FOR PRACTITIONERS

                                                16 FIELD STUDIES

                                                8,000 – 10,000 CASE ANALYSIS

                                                200 CONDUCTED INTERVIEWS

                                                Violence Research Lab self sustainbility

                                                    Since this project is created to be a breakthrough in violence researches and possible a turning point in scientific perception of violence with an effective practical impact, we strongly believe that we will have not only opportunity, but also an obligation to continue our work in that direction even after envisaged 5 years. That’s why we will submit several funding applications during the project. Potentially, this will provide us a chance for ongoing research of violence using our own methodology. Also, a significant component of Violence research lab findings in terms of methodology and data should be commercialized thereby providing independent income that will be used for future research staff position.