Research Identification Number: 373383

Petra Šprem

Phenomenology cluster

Petra Šprem obtained her Master of Laws degree from the Faculty of Law, University of Zagreb, Croatia in November 2013. During her law studies, Petra worked as a student teaching for professors in different departments of her faculty (Chair of International private law, Chair of Financial law and Science). She also worked as an Assistant at the Croatian Chamber of Economy in organising the Croatian Arbitration Days. After graduation Petra started working as a legal trainee at Attorney of Law office where she worked for 4 years. In May 2018, she passed the bar exam. In 2017, Petra became a member of the Max Planck Partner Group for Balkan Criminology, where she was involved in research (Balkan Homicide Study), event organisation and courses attendance (Balkan Criminology Intensive Courses). In April 2018. she started working as a Project Assistant on Violence Research Lab project. 

Petra participated at Annual Conferences of the ESC 2018-2021. She was the Head of “Counter terrorism workshop for practitioners” at the Ministry of Justice, Croatia. Petra joined the Soapbox Science event in 2018 and held a public speech on criminology and criminal law sciences. She enrolled in Doctoral studies in Criminal Sciences at the University of Zagreb, Faculty of law in November 2018. Her primary areas of interest include: phenomenology of crime, victimology, violence, family violence, violence etiology.

In April 2023, Petra obtain her doctoral degree with the doctoral thesis titled: “Normative and empirical analysis of domestic violence in Croatia – criminal law concepts, criminological phenomena, practical challenges and possible solutions".

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  1. 2023

    Doctoral degree

    University of Zagreb, Faculty of Law
  2. 2018

    Bar exam

    Ministry of Justice, Croatia
  3. 2008-2013

    Master of Laws (mag.iur)

    University of Zagreb, Faculty of Law