Davor Derenčinović

Chair of the Department of Criminal Law at the Faculty of Law, University of Zagreb

Graduation from the Faculty of Law in Zagreb in 1995. Magister Scientiarum obtained at the same Faculty in 1998. Ph.D. obtained in 2000 with the thesis “Criminal Law in Countering Corruption”. Post-doctoral research fellow under the Fulbright program at the International Human Rights Law Institute, DePaul College of Law, Chicago, 2004/05. Further academic training received at the following institutions: Istituto Superiore Internazionale di Scienze Criminali in Siracusa, the European Law Academy in Trier, London School of Economics, Institute for Foreign and International Criminal Law in Freiburg, Penn State University, China University of Political Science and Law (Beijing) and at East China University of Political Science and Law (Shanghai).

In addition to the Zagreb Faculty of Law, visiting lecturer at a number of undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate (specialist and doctoral) studies at home and abroad: Postgraduate Specialist Studies “Criminal Investigation” of the Faculty of Law, University of Rijeka (2008-), Postgraduate Specialist Studies in Criminal Law, Faculty of Law, University J.J.Strossmayer in Osijek (2007-2015), Joint Master in European Integration and Regionalism, Bolzano, Zagreb, Graz, Barcelona (2009), Postgraduate Studies in Criminal Sciences, Faculty of Law, University of Sarajevo (2008), Postgraduate Doctoral Studies, Faculty of Law, University of Mostar (Criminal Law, 2013-).

Founder and Director of the international postgraduate course “Crime Prevention through Criminal Law and Security Studies” at the Interuniversity Center in Dubrovnik (2009-). Founder and Head of the professional training program “Criminal Code in Practical Application” Zagreb Faculty of Law, University of Zagreb (2013-). Vice-dean for International Cooperation and Science, Faculty of Law, University of Zagreb (2015-2017). Head of Postgraduate Studies in Criminal Law, Faculty of Law, University of Zagreb (2009-2018).

Holder of the Award for the young scholars from the Society of University Teachers and Other Scientists in Zagreb for the best book published in the field of social sciences “Corruption Myth” (2001) and Dr.sc. Jadranko Crnić Foundation Award for the best book in the field of law “Theory of a Joint Criminal Enterprise – Challenges and Controversies” (co-author, 2012).

Ten author books, three editorial books, seventeen chapters in books, eleven textbooks and over sixty scientific and professional papers in the field of criminal justice and human rights protection (a complete list available at: bib.irb.hr /under Derenčinović, Davor/).

“Criminal Law Prevention of Corruption and Organized Crime” project manager (Ministry of Science and Education /2010-2014/). Croatian Science Foundation Project Manager “Multidisciplinary Cluster for Research of Crime in Transition – Corruption, Trafficking in Human Beings and Economic Crime” (TRANSCRIM, 2015-2019). Chair of the Scientific Advisory Board of the project “Croatian Monitor of Violence” (Croatian Science Foundation, 2018). Member of working groups for the preparation of negotiations under Chapters 23 and 24 of the European Union acquis. Consultant to the United Nations Office for Drugs and Crime (UNODC, 2010-) and United Nations Development Program (UNDP, 2010-). Member of the Editorial Board of the Annual of Social Work (2008-2014), Iustinianus Law Review (University of Skopje, 2014-) and Academy of Croatian Legal Sciences Yearbook (2011-).

Ad hoc judge of the European Court of Human Rights (2010-). Member of the Council of Europe Multidisciplinary Group for Combating Corruption (GMC, 2010). Member of the Council of Europe’s Counter-Terrorism Panel (CODEXTER, 2003-2004). Member of the Independent Expert Group for Implementation of the Council of Europe’s (GRETA) Convention on Action against Trafficking in Human Beings (GRETA) in two terms (2009-2012, 2017-2020, Vice President 2011-2012, President 2019-). Member of the National Preventive Mechanism for Prevention of Torture (2012-2014). President of the Pardoning Commission of the President of the Republic of Croatia (2015-2016).

Head and member of national working groups for drafting and amending criminal legislation. President of the Croatian Association for Criminal Science and Practice (2008-2012). Member of the Council of the Government of the Republic of Croatia for the preparation of amicus curiae before the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (2007-2009). Member of the Committee for Legislation of the Croatian Parliament (VIth convocation of the Croatian Parliament). Member of the Commission for Prevention on Conflict of Interest (2004-2005). Member of the Field Committee for Legal Sciences (2013-2016). Member of the Executive Board of the Scientific Council for State Administration, Justice and Rule of Law of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts (2017-). President of the Statutory Committee of the University of Zagreb (2017-). President of the Society of University Teachers and Other Scientists in Zagreb (2016-). Member of the Iustitia et PaxCommission of the Croatian Bishops’ Conference (2015-). Member of the Legal Commission of COMECE (the Commission of the Bishops’ Conferences of the European Union, 2018-). Member of the State Attorney’s Council (2012-2019, Deputy President 2012-2015). Member of the Ethics Committee in the election of members of the European Parliament from the Republic of Croatia (2019).

Pro bono lecturing. Media appearances (topics – criminal law, criminology, and human rights protection). Excellent computer skills, advanced use of presentation tools (Prezi, Ultimate MindMap, etc.). Holder of the Medal of the Homeland War. Status of Croatian War Veteran from the Homeland War.

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    Faculty of Law, University of Zagreb
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    Faculty of Law, University of Zagreb
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    Faculty of Law, University of Zagreb