Personal Information

Lea Feuerbach

Research Assistant

Lea Feuerbach is currently a final year student at the Faculty of Law in Zagreb. During her studies, she worked as a student teaching for professor in the Department of European Public Law. She participated in the “StudentWatch” project, in which students disseminated information about the impact of the COVID-19 virus on the EU and in the project “Youth for the Future of the EU" in which a series of public forums were organized for young people to discuss about the future of the EU. She has also participated in a number of conferences such as “Crime Prevention Through Criminal Law & Security Studies", 3rd UNESCO Conference “Migration and the Rule of Law" and the 17th Jean Monnet Seminar “The Rule of Law in the EU and the USA". She actively volunteers at the National Call Centre for Victims of Crime and Misdemeanours. She also participated in the Adriatic Moot Court Competition. During her studies she was awarded the Dean’s Award for Socially Beneficial Work in the Academic and Wider Community.