The scientific publications of Violence Research Lab will be produced and continuously submitted for publishing during the whole course of the funding period in the form of journal articles by all Violence Research Lab members. From the planned total of journal articles on topics specified in each scientific objective’s expected results at least 25% of journal articles shall be successfully published in relevant international top-ranked journals (e.g. Crime, Law and Social Change; European Journal of Criminology; Trauma, Violence and Abuse; Child Abuse and Neglect; New Journal of European Criminal Law; Educational Research Review; Deviance et Societe; Sociology of Crime, Law, and Deviance), whereas the remaining 75% shall be published in Croatian journals classified as A1. Violence Research Lab’s final research results will also be published in 2 edited books, one in Croatian the other in English language, whereby they shall not be simple translations of the same contributions, but rather targeted publications for two different audiences: the domestic scientific community, criminal justice practitioners, as well as policy makers, and the international scientific community. The book contributions will be submitted prior to the 2 Violence Research Lab conferences and shall be ready for publishing by the end of the project.